ARCHIVES January 2016

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Arranging A Fellow Do Before The Big Day

Gone are the drunken parties for a bucks night for the men who are about to get married. Well, the men getting married still have drunken does for their friends which involves naughty fun as well. However, many men are changing the rules by arranging their “bodal” showers to show their female counterparts that they are good in the get together thing as well. Here are some novel ideas that are going around.
Calling in the malesThe men getting married are organizing more formal but fun get together that can be considered novel bucks party ideas Melbourne. Bucks nights need not only be parties at night as they can transform to novel day affairs as well. The male friends and relatives who would be part of the wedding might be asked to get together on a private sailboat or a venue away from the city. Here things like fashion and the overall look for the men could be discussed over drinks and food.
Bonding timeArranging for a “bodal” shower is not taken too causally as well. Some are getting their wedding planners to organize the event, from a distinct venue to specific dress codes and other etiquettes like putting the phones away during the event. Specific programs are planned for the shower event as well, making it a distinct and elaborate affair among novel hens night ideas Melbourne, know more at
Specific doesThe “bodal” shower can be organized in an elaborate manner. If it is organized at an open air venue or on a sailboat, there would be food and drinks in the menu as well as games and other kinds of fun activities planned. Many are getting their wedding planners to organize the whole event. It is also a great chance for the different men invited to get to know each other and have a great time with the groom. It is also a good time to plan to give gifts to the man or plan the fashion look for the wedding together so that the same tailor or the retail outlet can be planned.
Hanging outThe day affair could be turned into a night affair as well. Many does end up at lounges where exclusive functions are planned. With entertainment being organized for the party exclusively and drinks being mixed up, everyone is bound to have fun at the party. If you are about to get married and are planning to get your fellows together, here are some ideas to think about. You could make it a formal or a casual affair and the theme should flow into your wedding day as well. Get a wedding planner to make the arrangements so that you can simply sit back and have fun with the men before the wedding day