ARCHIVES February 2016

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Having Fun Through Creativity

Face painting is the most fun and most creative ways to while away your free time. Imagine yourself turning yourself into a cat, a phantom or just about anything you would like to be. Face paint itself has been around for thousands of years and yes, it does turn the table on beauty.
However costume makeup is in a totally different league to the everyday makeup of women and yes, men as well. Theatrical face paint can turn your fantasy into reality and give the viewer a glimpse into the unknown. Theatrical drama which flirts with the most dramatic and creative of face painting will take the audience back to a time only heard in legend.
Costume makeup is an indispensable part of any theatrical construction and with the making up of the face it completes the over-all graphic entrance of the artist. Clothing the part is a vital component of make believe and theater and it lures the audience into an imaginary world. Eventhough the acting by the actor or actress is vital costume plays an enormous part of the whole production. The audience will be able to tell the period of the drama, status of the character, age and country of origin from the fashionable clothes they wear without uttering a word. Whether or not a person is generating a precise personality look for a festive revelry, or needs a temperament that encounters the rigorous wants of a specialized player, a familiarity with powder and paint and in what way to use it will continuously get you the finest outcomes wished for.
An amusing fact about theatrical face paint is that it has to be put on to be seen by a far audience and needs to have the most dramatic of colours which if looked at close range would look garish and outlandish. Another side to face paint is using modern cosmetics to enhance an ugly duckling into a swan that could fire up the world into thinking that there is no opposite of beauty.
Whether you are a qualified body painter, or unbiased beginner wanting to get in on the action, face and physique decorates are an entertaining and exhilarating method to produce a very elite, imaginative and extraordinary character with face paint.
The most you will require in order to trigger the face paint is water and much imagination. After that you can move into fantasy. Apprentices and more skillful face artists will increase in value on how readily and calmly face paint is to put on.